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New recordings are now live!

I've just released some new audio recordings from a session earlier this year, recorded with Jamie McCredie at Price Studios in Battersea.

Bad Romance (Lady Gaga) in the style of Postmodern Jukebox

You will hear the wonderful sounds of Thomas Solomon Gray (piano), Rob Paterson (double-bass) and Jason Ribeiro (drums) who all play with me regularly, accompanied by my sister Carolyn on alto sax, recorded remotely in Copenhagen, and fellow Irishman Neil Doherty, recorded remotely from Southampton!

New Rules – made famous by Dua Lipa (lounge cover)

Tom our dexterous keys player arranged this version of the Dua Lipa hit for our core group of four. We debuted it as a duo at our Four Seasons residency in Trinity Square and it always goes down really well. I think it's one of those songs that people hear and think "this sounds familiar" before realising it's the massive hit from Dua Lipa.

Thanks to the very patient and meticulous Jamie for working his wizardry on the final mixes of these tracks!

I hope you enjoy having a listen – let us know if you have any suggestions for the future.

Sarah x


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