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Belle Noir organise an NHS charity song with The Voice UK contestants!

We've teamed up with our fellow The Voice UK finalists to record a cover of the Stevie Wonder song 'As' to help raise money for NHS Charities Together.

We launched the video on our social channels over the weekend and in just 72 hours we smashed our target of £1,000!

So far The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror, The Metro and our wonderful coach Olly Murs have all shared the video and we are hoping you will too! We're keen to see how much money we can raise with our voices for this wonderful charity.

We're aware there are lots of other NHS campaigns you may have supported (well done Captain Tom!) but we wanted to contribute in our own special way. You can support us in your own way by making a donation, sharing the campaign or just viewing the video.

We hope you enjoy the performance and we're very much looking forward to performing together in 'real life' once this has all passed.

Lots of love,

Emily, Jasmine and Sarah x


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